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Apple Picking

leopard clutch

We’ve been fortunate this weekend to have such chilly temperatures here in New Jersey. Although I’m sure we all broke out the fall wardrobes weeks ago, having weather to match those boots and scarves feels like it completes your outfit.  Read More »


Slicing & Spicing


A bowl filled with cinnamon sticks and apples has never been more pleasing. Throw in a few orange slices and cranberries, heavenly. Can you smell the autumn aroma yet? It’s subtle yet soothing scent awakens the soul.  Read More »


Margarita Monday


Even though fall is right around the corner, I’m still soaking up the last little bit of summer. With the end of August nearing, we are definitely enjoying our nights down the shore, food on the grill, and plenty of homemade cocktails.  Read More »


Savory Salad


This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day down at the beach here in New Jersey. With the cool breeze and warm temperatures it was the perfect way to spend the weekend, minus the extreme sunburn that took place afterwards.  Read More »